benefits of ultra high definition print with the TaylorBloxham Group


 What is Ultra High Definition Print?

We are pioneers of Ultra High Definition litho print. Ultra HD uses a finer screening process that we have researched and developed over the years that brings out even the smallest details in your artwork. The process combines an increased line screen with our bespoke line refinement and "direct to press" injection system.


 How is Ultra High Definition Print achieved?

Ultra High Definition is achieved by using the optimum number of line screens. A line screen is the measure of how many halftone lines are printed in a linear inch. The value is expressed as Lines Per Inch (LPI). This measurement relates to the way printers reproduce photographic images and also defines the necessary resolution of an image. Common numbers of line screen measurements seen in sheet fed printing are 130, 150 and 175. Taylor Bloxham uses more than double the lines for Ultra HD printing. Quite simply, the higher the number of lines, the better the quality.


 How will my brand benefit from Ultra High Definition Print?

A mixture of intense sharpness, vivid colours, greater detail, smoother tones and colour consistency will ensure that your printed media reflects the quality that your brand inspires. 92% of consumers report that visual factors are the the most important to them when buying a product, so we make sure that your brochures and catalogues are printed to the highest quality.


 When should I use Ultra High Definition Print?

Ultra high definition print makes an impact. We already print work for some of the worlds biggest brands in high definition. We have found our Ultra HD print most popular in the Fashion, Jewellery and automotive sectors. But more and more of our customers are switching to Ultra HD as the difference in print quality is outstanding.


 Why upgrade to Ultra High Definition Print?

Stand out in a crowded marketplace by upgrading your print to Ultra High Definition. TaylorBloxham provide unrivalled customer service for brands that are serious about their print. Request a FREE sample or quote today and see what a difference we can make to your print.